Joseph Dibee, a former international fugitive who pleaded guilty to the 1997 arson of a Central Oregon abattoir that sold wild horse meat to Europe, says the U.S. government is withholding information about his extradition. In an affidavit, he indicated a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation lied when the agent said the U.S. government did not videotape the incident.

FBI Special Agent Timothy Suttles stated in his own sworn declaration, filed in federal court on July 14, that he was present in Havana to arrest Dibee but said there “were no videos taken by the United State Government.”

That differs significantly from a declaration Dibee, formerly associated with the Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts, filed in federal court last week stating that a representative with the U.S. government “was videotaping the rendition using a small silver Sony digital camera from the moment” they arrived.

The FBI declined to comment on the court filings, citing the open federal case. A spokesperson for Oregon’s U.S. Attorney’s Office, which is prosecuting Dibee, also declined to comment. Continue reading “USA: Update on Joseph Dibee’s situation”